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Why Adobe house cool in summer warm in winter?

In our area a lot of Adobe houses built in the last century, while only in the 70-ies began to build houses of brick.\r\n\r\PS Turkic language "Saman" means straw. Adobe was made of clay and straw with the addition of water. The thickness of the walls of buildings significant as the block sizes are large, average length 500 mm, width 170 mm, height 120 mm. Yes, even the coating inside and outside, wall thickness reaches 600 – 700 mm. Saman porous, in a lot of air which is bad conductor of heat (think about Windows with double, triple frames).\r\n\r\glavnoe advantage of this construction material, low thermal conductivity.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\coefficient of thermal conductivity of masonry of 0.5; wood 0,2; aerated 0,12. Data Adobe not, but it is clear that it is smaller than that of aerated concrete. So in the summer the Adobe house is not hot, not cold in winter.\r\n\r\psychs interest in Adobe reborn. Begin to build houses, but on a modern level, with the strengthening grids and frame.
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