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What is the maximum duration of the supplementation funds from the temperature?

Immediately I remembered the story from the news where a child was denied a liver because had a fever and mom is about 5 days gave him fever. The doctor somehow not addressed, the signs was just a cold. In the end, the child had surgery, she became one. Family prosperous, just ignorance on the person.\r\n\r\poetomu should not be abused. It happens that the temperature rises, but the child still does not understand what he is sick. The disease manifests itself by the 3rd day. My eldest was so, even the doctors could not determine. It eventually, I already with it understood that a high temperature it only Farenheit. Therefore, immediately rinse and the day passes all, not even having time to manifest. But before 3 days continuously working distiller temperature.\r\n\r\poetomu when the temperature rises, it is better to be under medical supervision.\r\n\r\nnote medications may have side effects. It seems to be treated, and on the other hand maimed. After all, they invade the human immune system, acting on one thing and breaking another.
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