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What is the name of the main character of gta vice city ? What we know about him?

Tommy Vercetti\r\n\r\plavny the protagonist of the game GTA Vice City - Tommy Vercetti. Know about it a little bit:\r\n\r\n\r\NIN 1971 Tommy was ambushed. He was surrounded by 11 people, which he has successfully killed, for which he received 15 years in prison.\r\Tommy had the nickname "the Harwood Butcher".\r\after his release from prison, Tommy had to spend a significant drug deal. But again ambushed.\rzapodozriv treason chief city drug Lord Ricardo Diaz, Tommy broke into his mansion and killed him.\r\NIN the result of the events Tommy has become a real crime boss and created their own gang.\rpcut later, Tommy learns that the bases is his old friend Sony Forelli. Between them untied scandal, in which Tommy kills Sonny and becomes the main authority to the city Vice city.
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