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Promotions and discounts in Coin 25 February 2019? In the catalog?

In supermarkets "Coin" Monday start weekly promotions with exciting offers. \r\n\r\ocherednaja a campaign for the sale of food discounts started its operation from February 25, 2019.\r\n\r\non instant coffee "Tchibo Exclusive" - a great discount of 60 percent. Price - 249.90 RUB over 190 grams.\r\n\r\non fresh chilled meat pork "Healthy farm" discount of 21%. The price of 249.90 Euro per 1 kg.\r\n\r\non creamy farm butter "Ekomilk" discount of 26 percent. Cost of a pack of 180 gram 69.90 RUB\r\n\r\non the milk boiled sausage "Bundle" discount, a special offer 2 for price of 1. The price for 1 piece - 99.95 RUB\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\dovolno many goods sold at favorable action 2 for the price of 1. For example liverwurst "Liver".\r\n\r\Purina sausage "Russian" Provincial, sausages juicy, "Daddy", chebureki meat Heat. \r\n\r\syrokopchenye sausage "jubilee" toothpaste "Blend-a-Med Complex," cream "Baby" with chamomile extract.\r\n\r\phreno-smoked bacon Marble is 40 per cent, of the sausage "Russian" - 52 percent, pork rib 41 percent.\r\n\r\parano smoked sausage "Royal" - 43 percent. Cutlets "Pozharsky" - 28%. Sausage, "Brunswick" - 37%.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\polny catalogue I look here at this service.
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