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What kind of tea called tea? Some drying is green?

The name tea came from Chinese Bai Hua white flower, so called the smallest of tea leaves, hatched in the night and collected in the morning, not yet unfolded.\r\n\r\pesli you buy Chinese tea private producer, then so it will. In stores they sell just small tea leaves or pieces of leaf under the form of a tea.\r\n\r\Sobranie tea leaves are withered 4-8 hours, twist 3 times for 45 min, and simultaneously fermenting the oxygen blowing, dried at 90°C to a 4-5% moisture content, sorted and packaged. Turns black and red tea depending on the variety and duration of fermentation.\r\n\r\Zeleny tea is not dried, and steamed, and rolled after drying, sorting and packing.\r\n\r\proveryaut for fixing substances with steam at 170-180°C for 3-5 min, after a little dried to 60% moisture and rolled the cars on the rollers 80 min, while the cells of the leaf are destroyed by 45-55% and after steaming are unable to ferment in mounds. After twisting the green sheet dried at 105°C to a moisture content of 3-5%, sorted and Packed. It turns green and yellow tea.
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