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What dreams blue stone, a precious stone of blue color?

It all depends on what you do with these stones. \r\n\r\pesli someone gave you gems - good luck in reality.\r\n\r\prosit - romantic interest.\r\n\r\probyvat good health and numerous progeny.\r\n\r\Parati - treason.\r\n\r\prodavati - fortunately in romantic relationships.\r\n\r\pesli the sapphires you see in sleep is it peace, luck, faith.\r\n\r\pesli in the dream you found this gem - so in life you lack of spirituality, and this dream is telling you that you need to dive into the world of his soul.(dream interpretation Lofa)\r\n\r\PPO other interpretations - see Sapphire - for love, which can bring mental anguish.\r\n\r\Sapfir in the ring - waiting for you fatal love.\r\n\r\parate, to give, to throw, to toss - the struggle with your feelings is useless. It is your destiny/karma.(esoteric astrology)\r\n\r\pniti jewelry to a speedy and brilliant success in business. (Miller)\r\n\r\pesli you dream in a dream stone and bright blue or blue tint - it to the acquaintance or friendship with a gay man. (in the dream Freud))
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