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Is there any color of Petunia flowers by inheritance using seeds?

From petunias flower color is not inherited. At least I planted the seeds with my favorite bright flowers Petunia, grew up all normal, not at all similar to the mother plant in color. The flowers at the "children" were usually pale pinkish or purplish hue. While I collected seeds from hot pink, dark purple and striped stems.\r\n\r\poetomu and people buy Petunia seeds in stores - buy it though varietal that has a chance to grow. And from self-seeding or collected in case of any last year flower is likely to get something nondescript. Genetics is stronger - all varietal properties are easy to kill has long been familiar to plant forms and colours.\r\n\r\Petunia to room colors I do not carry. On indoor plants it is necessary to watch that particularly interested in. Often there is a hereditary traits are transmitted. Planting seeds, you can grow some flower, very reminiscent of "parent" from which seeds were taken.
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