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What is the worst thing ever happened to you when you were home alone?

Four years ago, I was home alone. Well as one... with the cat. Her husband was at work the night shift, does not have any children. \r\n\r\presila to watch a horror movie, I love this thing. Movie once, I remember, some were terrible.\r\n\r\PNU now, the film was over, turned off the TV in the bedroom and went to the kitchen to drink some water before bed.\r\n\r\PPU and then hear the bedroom TV turned on, but still so loud! All in the best traditions of mystical thrillers. A little mug from his hands, not dropped! \r\n\r\produs, look in the bedroom and you see that the cat (that hairy asshole!) sat down his thick furry ass right on the remote, and turned on the TV! \r\n\r\estalo funny. While this is no laughing matter it was, frankly...
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