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How to bypass the lock if the Internet separated from the global Internet?

Anyone who is familiar with Internet architecture, it is clear that to turn off some country is not possible. The only method is physical destruction of all the main channels, which are laid in a specific country. You can still get all the neighboring States do not make the routes from this country, but the problem is that ISPs are commercial organizations, not the state, so it is even more impossible task than the destruction of thousands of optical cables.\r but even if the impossible happens and all together refuse to accept routes from Russia - nothing will prevent you to access the Internet, of course, if you have sufficient amount of money. The fact that in addition to any Internet backbone provider in Russia with pleasure will provide you the services L2VPN by connecting you with a data center somewhere in Sweden or in the Netherlands through their own channels, bypassing the Internet. And then buy into the data center server with two network cards and use the Internet without any restrictions.
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