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What happens when people are constantly saving money? why?

This man is handsome, respect him and uvazhuha! He cares about the future, thinking about the future, it will not break the temporary difficulties, such as temporary loss of job, loss of health, unforeseen expenses, etc. A person is able to live within your means, can plan their spending, budget, and the most important is that he does not have anyone, he has no credit. I sincerely admire such people, of course , if it does not go into obsession and paranoia. When there is an account in three banks, securities, etc., and a man walks in holey socks, malnourished, rest, and save on everything, including children. But still constantly place that there is no money, these are the people that disgust is not caused. They built the cult of money, and only for the sake of living. Fu fu and Fu again.
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