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How women fall in the trap of fate? and how from it to get out?

Women are very trusting by nature. And they have one very important problem: they love the ears. Trusting to his beloved more than himself, and his every word, they perceive every word he said as the truth because they want to believe it, and very often wishful thinking. Falling in love for real, they lose their heads, lose focus, and this is often cruelly deceived by the cunning of men, are abandoned, and even with the debt, without any means of livelihood. But in order to get out of such traps of fate, it is necessary to have a sound mind, a cold heart and analytical mind. But when a woman is in love, when it is himself in love, and then brutally thrown - what there right mind can say? Now it only remains to fight for survival, to become a strong and selfless, not to drown in the depths of the treacherous waves of life, troubles and problems. Need to look around and not be afraid to ask for help. Always there will be good people, friends, relatives, in extreme cases, a social service which will help you to float and stay afloat. The main thing - not to despair, not to hang your head and move on. Time heals all wounds. And this too shall pass.
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