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Which is easier: to rejuvenate an actor (film or theater), or downgrade it?

Rejuvenation and aging of the actor on stage is not so much a question of makeup, how long acting. And without makeup you brilliantly to embody the image Sarbinowo elder or enthusiastic young men with a burning glance. So 90% of the actor!\r but klassny artist can make their 10 or even 50%....\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\pesli to take into account only the technical side, when applying makeup, definitely more simple task of the makeup artist is the aging of the actor. There exists a variety of techniques - from simple pencil, to of prosthetics and aerogram.\r\n\r\odnako, rejuvenation is always more difficult and interesting task. Sometimes, just a few light, skillful touches with a brush magically removes ten years from the face of the actor.
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