How many (and which) fruit you need to eat per day for health and immunity?

In the season when the fruits and vegetables in my garden and the vegetable garden (I live in the village-district center has its own land) start at a time to ripen, pluck them from the beds and the same in turn use that amount as much as you want and how much to eat. First, you receive a radish, eat to satiety, then onions, then the cucumbers, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, new potatoes, all sorts of salads, apples, pears, Teren (Cossacks so called small plum), grapes and much more that grows in the fertile land of the don. It is necessary to consume all of it freshly plucked from the garden, and strictly in season of ripening of each fruit and vegetable, then your body will benefit, it will accumulate and vitamins and other substances that are useful all winter and you quietly survive and immunine you, too, will be good. So in childhood I was taught by my grandfather who was born in 1878 and lived for 90 years! Winter in store only buy citrus, store tomatoes and cucumbers in January is nonsense, no vitamins in them, but the breakaways-bunch of pesticides! Therefore, the consumption of them in the winter use you will not bring, as if they were not advertised, and only harm. And less any "twists" and vegetable and fruit canned, I did not know our Russian ancestors.
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