Who do you give gifts on March 8? Why?

I always gave a gift on March 8 his mother because she was always the most important woman in my life, always my sister gave and give gifts to each other because we love and value each other. I have two growing daughters and a granddaughter. They always have to be me the gift this day gifts for the holiday table as your most favorite and expensive girls. In school, we, girls, always boys gave gifts, because they also got us a gift on February 23 as a sign of friendship and respect. Teachers in school and kindergarten teachers in the day always relied flowers and gifts in gratitude for their work. I do love to give gifts. Never forget their female colleagues at work, their invaluable, loyal girlfriends. In anticipation of this holiday I always visit your hairdresser and manicurist, and also give them with a fun chocolate bar or box of chocolates for their professionalism and skill.
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