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What is the plot of the film Green book, winner of the national film awards Oscar-2019?

The plot is there is pretty flat and simple. The bouncer Tony Vallelonga nicknamed Chatterbox hires the pianist don Shirley, to accompany him and his troupe on a tour of the southern States as the chauffeur-bodyguard-companion. Salt in the fact that Shirley is black, and Tony is the mouth can not stand black people, besides the tour takes place in the southern States, and this is the beginning of the 60s of the 20th century, when blacks were treated is not always loyal. In the end they became friends, and Shirley even came to Tony for Christmas, since he had no family. All shown quite convincingly and vividly, the actors are good, but in my opinion all a bit trivial and flat, for average minds. The Russians look like Germans, speak with a terrible accent, entourage Tony - or shirt-boys or righteous, and Tony himself never wavers and always knows what to do, neither give nor take a telepath 80 level. From such hypocrisy does not save even a good game of actors, such as Viggo Mortensen in the role of Tony to learn is very difficult, especially if you have watched Lord of the rings. The film has napoluchala bunch of awards, a Golden globe, Oscars already 3 pieces, not well, what about America, and tolerantnenko, and beautiful, and with music. Oh. What can I say? "Opportunists, lakirovich, there is the truth." - as the hero of Basova in the movie "I step through Moscow".
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