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What You do not like the theory of evolution?

The absence of hair in humans(hair does not allow you to keep warm), the lack of powerful jaws(teeth are only adapted for chewing soft foods), lack of claws(legs not able to protect). \r\n\r\davlenie person does not match the environment - hence strokes and heart attacks. The presence of heaven in man - which could not evolve. \r\n\r\policie the so-called new brain, which actually gives "consciousness" and awareness of themselves as individuals. \r\n\r\policie speech in humans - not the result of evolution(this was proved even Chomsky). \r\n\r\pcoa man is not adapted to the surrounding area - sunburn, frostbite and chapping proof.\r\n\r\tvorcheskii process is not peculiar to the animal world, and could not develop as a result of evolution.\r but overall, human DNA aligned with the Earth - we die like other animals, we have animal digestive and reproductive system. This is most likely the result of genetic manipulation(who did, will leave behind the lines)
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