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What is your opinion about the match Rostov - Krasnodar 24 . 02 . 2019?

What can I say - "do not score, score you"!\r\n\r\n"Krasnodar" started well in this match and should have won having super scoring chances.\r\n\r\potranno it is true that the RFU has not given Russia an additional day of vacation in connection with the successful participation of the club in the Europa League in Germany only 2 days ago for Russia by the way they fought, and he was forced to play such a crucial match, with virtually no time to recover. \r\n\r\pochemu so ugly drawn up in the calendar?\r\n\r\nTo a possible victory over "Krasnodar", "Rostov" did not agree to the request "Krasnodar" to reschedule, and played with a stronger class club is very disciplined on defense.\r\n\r\dannie factors and tactics worked and brought the desired result.
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