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Whether the increased size of the average pension to the subsistence minimum 2?

That is, if the minimum pension (cost mimum pensioner) in the region of 7500 rubles, the average pension in such regions 13 or 14 thousand thousand With the sum of two minimal pensions on 7500, is 15 thousand rubles. this means that the average pension will not be 13 or 14 thousand,and to increase to 15 thousand, and at whom pension below the average,then increase for 300 rubles or less,but not a thousand as the average. In your case the minimum salary for region 9 thousand rubles,and thus the average pension about 16 or 17 thousand When bringing up to 2 minimum pension Sredna she velitsa to 18 thousand rubles. But this does not mean that receive below average pension will receive the same amount as the calculation is for the average pension for two Mimaki.
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