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When you take up a book, you should pay attention to?

First - the cover. Cheap photoshop on the cover very often equals cheap content - it is enough to recall the same type of novels with a bias in literary porn or male meaningless boevichkov - they can always be found on the cover. And just want to be on the shelf stood a beautiful edition that is pleasant to look at. \r\n\r\vtoroe - quality paper, glued pages or stitched. Sewn books are more durable than glued, which sometimes fall apart after one or two readings. Paper is better to choose white and dense, but this is not always possible - publishers are now seeking less money to spend on a book manufacturer, so on paper the save. \r\n\r\ptitle - size. Sometimes Dating a beautiful large edition of in the spirit of "all the books of the cycle under one cover" - they look great, printed on good paper, but read them, to hold terribly uncomfortable. These can only be put on the shelf for beauty. \r\n\r\annotatio I would to read is not advised - it is possible to stumble on spoilers, which is not very nice, but more often it is a useless adware crap.\r\n\r\razumeetsa should pay attention to the contents of the book, but it is better to do before you go to the store and actually hold it in my hand. Who is the author and what he wrote, what about the book, genre, a short description - it is better to look on the Internet, so you do not regret the purchase.
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