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What is the use of Jerusalem artichoke? Is it profitable to grow it?

Jerusalem artichokes grow profitable. But.\r\n\r\PU us the area is arid, there is little that survives until the fall without irrigation, or rather will not survive or anything.\r\n\r\pliki slender Jerusalem artichokes I dug in the field, only four tuber the size of a half egg. In the fall bury in the loose bed. All summer only raked along with the entire garden. Not watered, not fed. Jerusalem artichoke flowers in my throw and I decided that he did not work, although the greens were of two meters.\r\n\r\PPO autumn I dug a garden tractor, so powerful that the stems are not confused, I quickly dug Jerusalem artichokes.\r\n\r\PS four nodules I collected a bucket of tubers the size of an egg and more. Digging is easy, tubers not spread and take hold.\r\n\r\pukus it strange, but you can get used. Tastes best fried, like potatoes, and in soup and raw salad. Clean is also like a potato.\r\n\r\chitala that it is helpful to diabetics as it contains inulin. It is a sugar substitute that is not digested by man, but is useful for intestinal microflora.
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