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Why am I annoyed by loud noises? It is a disease?

It is the natural state.\r\n\r\gromkiy sound for our ancestors was a danger signal. The roar of the waterfall, the roar of the beast, a cry of pain member of the tribe or the roar of an avalanche. Because animals used to live in a natural silence, only occasionally allowing yourself to loud sounds.\r\n\r\psychs we learned loud sounds to produce themselves. Jackhammer, drill, hammer, train, drum set, etc. We are not afraid of them, but... our reflexes remain the reflexes of animals. And there is a conflict. Instincts say danger, consciousness speaks - noise, not having to do with us. But the nervous system is strained, it develops stress and irritation comes into its own.\r\n\r\pimeno because it is required by law to maintain silence, at least in the hours of rest.\r\n\r\potomu we put sound-absorbing walls and double glazing. Because creating sound screens and olivem\r\n\r\PA at other times we feel different, depending on the types and volume of sounds, depending on the type of nervous system, varying degrees of irritation noise.
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