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What categories (topics BV) You are deliberately ignoring, why?

Honestly, ignore technical topics generally, and topics such as: "Who is phone called so-and-so", "some bus schedules in the city of Samara then", "why so-and-so divorced so-and-so", etc. by the Way, these questions often have more than one star, but it was too boring. \r\n\r\pesli, you need to earn on BV, it is likely these issues can not be ignored.\r\n\r\PA if you want to BV as something to spend time and share their thoughts, knowledge and questions then choose the topics which somehow awaken thought. At the same thoughts in different weather and in different moods woken up different. So one day ignore one topic to another - another.\r\n\r\PNU and it is clear that ignoring provocative questions about politics and religion.\r\n\r\pponimayu that they are given only to cause an unhealthy interest in our community. And even outside of it.\r\n\r\plugi who ask them, come here on BW is not to relax or earn. They are looking for a venue for expressing and heating of any political processes.\r\n\r\nsome political views is absurd for me, just some alien.
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