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Daria Egorycheva biography, photos , personal life do you have children?

Actress Daria Egorycheva was born in Moscow on 13 may 1981. Her mother Natalia is mine. He studied at the Moscow international film school №1318. In 2002 he graduated from the directing Department RATI (GITIS). Was an actress of theatre "At Nikitsky gate" in 2002. Personal life Daria Egorycheva did not work was not married, had no children. In the last years of his life Daria spent a lot of time in the Church. Attended Theological Courses MDA.\r\n\r\psnames was in such films as :\r\n\r\raised the love of my soul in 2007 in the role of a servant Volkonskaya. In the role of Irina in 2008 in the TV series cold case.\r\n\r\pcakge "Secrets of Institute for noble maidens" in 2013 in the role of Aksinya, a maid Shostakovich.\r\n\r\your last 7 years Daria was struggling with a serious illness, lung cancer.\r\n\r\skonchalas actress 21 February 2019 after a long illness.
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