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When will the film zulaikha opens his eyes? What is this movie?

I loved the novel, which shot the film. Was the name of Guzel Agenoy - writer of Tatarstan. The book captures the first word. Looking forward to the series. But it is now in production. Produced by the Russian channel "Russia 1". It is expected that the series will be 8 episodes. The film is historical, it tells how the Tatar peasant zulaikha together with the other settlers in the boxcar in inhuman conditions and sent to Siberia, as the poor people survive in the forest, overcome difficulties and still remain human beings. Starring Chulpan Khamatova, in the role of terrible mother-in-law Pirihi-Roza Khairullina. The first season starts in 2019, the exact date is not yet announced.
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