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What unusual did you find in your plate?

Interesting question!I remembered how I once went to practice with the girls in the area to get had a long , cold, hungry horror) .Decided as soon as you check into a hotel, immediately go to the dining room, there is a very wanted).So as not to fall face in the dirt in front of the local residents even makeup corrected).Came into the dining room, looks very clean and even handsome , forks and spoons not even bold,on tables small table cloths , all very stilnenko.Got the soup and salad meat and one girl pie . Everything was tasty looking and delicious , but when our friend began to eat the cake , the little teeth not to break, bite, and froze with a fully closed mouth, the cake was a snap.Pie certainly has not become , and indeed all of the appetite.But to find out and did not swear, went silent, but more in the dining room did not go.
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