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Ustyugov and Clabo. Conflict at the world Cup in 2019. Who is right and who is wrong?

In the semi-final sprint at the track world Cup ski races 2019 in Seefeld between the best athletes of Russia and Norway the conflict occurred. \r\n\r\johhanes Clabo can say "cut" Sergey Ustyugov, thus depriving him of the opportunity to participate in the final and, accordingly, could challenge for medals. After the race, the Russians pushed the Norwegian and "patted" him on the cheek, for which he was suspended (two yellow cards) with the cancellation result. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\PDE jure, not right, of course, Ustyugov, because a disciplinary Commission was punished for it, and the protest was dismissed. \r\n\r\nbut the opinions of experts were divided. \r\n\r\norvezhskaya side of course says that their leader is right; the Russian, that the rights of Sergei; and the Federation complies with a certain neutrality.
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