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What to do with the rump of the bread that no one eats?

You may not believe it, but we have to work (we have this "option" as a lunch delivery, but the bread in the products they supply not included - purchase it separately) the first thing that ends in "representatives" of bread (and white bread and black bread) is their crust, if possible, immediately cut them from both ends...\r\n\r but if the crust still remained, it is best to send them a "drying" - turn it into breadcrumbs. But you can also (if you prepare) to use the crusts, for example, when cooking meat or chops...\r\n\r\drugoy option is to make the remaining rump of the bread breadcrumbs - also a popular household product.\r\n\r\pesli to think, it could always be a lot of use cases not-so-fresh bread...
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