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Huawei Mate and Samsung Galaxy X Fold differ?

To start processor, though this difference is not fundamental. Of Samsung - Snapdragon 855, Suomi - Kirin 980. From the user point of view there is no difference, both processors - today best in their product lines.\r\n\r\pamati: Some 8 GB of the RAM, and 512 GB of permanent and Samsung 12 GB of the RAM and the same 512 GB of permanent.\r\n\r\pshome can work with two SIM cards, the Samsung only one. That, of course, puncture marketers and designers.\r\n\r\policie, which immediately catches the eye is the size. Some more, and much more. Its dimensions when folded 161,3 x 78,3 x 11 mm open - 161,3 x 146,2 x 5.4 mm. the Dimensions of the device interface extension is not yet known, but from the comparison screens something will become clear. \r\n\r\PU Samsung external screen (available) when folded - the size of 4.6" and a resolution of 840 x 1960 pixels, Some external display is considerably larger, at 6.6" and 1148 x 2480 squeak. The main displays respectively of 7.3" and 1236 x 2152 (Samsung), 8,0" and 2200 x 2480 (Saami). Both devices display technology - AMOLED.\r\n\r\Obratite note that the thickness of Some folded almost exactly twice the thickness in the unfolded, i.e. it folds tightly. And here at Samsung when folded the two halves are folded tightly, the bend radius is quite large, which is clearly seen in this picture. The reason is that the external screen of Samsung - independent, and it develops a big screen inside, while Some develops a large screen out, therefore, its external screen is just half great. Well, or a little less than half.\r\n\r\pomery: Samsung triple rear (main) camera with optical stabilization, a single selfie camera in the folded state and dual selfie camera in the expanded state, too, with optical stabilization. Some triple main camera with optical stabilization and lakowski optics, selfie camera is not present, but there is a three-dimensional optical sensor (TOF sensor; if you want you can tell me what it is, but separately) - presumably to identify the user in the face face.\r\n\r\policie in battery: Samsung - 4380 mA-hours, Some - 4500 mA-hours. \r\n\r\estessno, both devices support all popular standards and protocols and navigation systems.\r\n\r\Pavuk Panamericana of Samsung (Dolby Atmos/AKG active noise reduction). Connector minijack is missing in both.\r\n\r\price: Samsung already announced: 1980 dollars, or 130 thousand rubles. The price of Chinese yet to be announced. But we know that in a year will be produced 1 million Korean vehicles and 200 thousand Chinese.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n more funny news: your foldable device is released and Orro, and also the screen outside (when folded). The race started...
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