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What 3 ingredients you don`t eat, you are in the fridge?

There is one product that the family eats only one man, and the rest, including the cat not eating and "can not stand".\r\n\r\nThis fat (Yes will forgive me admirers and connoisseurs of this delicacy).\r\n\r\NIN the house of democracy, so to speak, and therefore to respect the tastes and preferences of each family member.\r\n\r\NIN this regard, periodically bought fat and placed in the refrigerator to the only lover of this product could not tell that the majority suppressed the minority, firstly, and secondly - you could indulge in style at any time you want.\r\n\r\edinstvennoe what gets the restriction is that the fat may not be the main food, and the only way... to bite and to enjoy.
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