Kubanovedenie, 3 class. The post on My name how to make?

In third grade students begin to study in detail the subject of your family. Studying your family history, traditions, important family dates. One of the important topics in the lesson and in the study of the origin of his name. This is a challenging and interesting work. Child of the third class it is better to do it with adults. Before you write and place the job, you need to prepare the material. You can use the Internet, but you can ask around the older generation. For the design of a message will fit or slim album, or stitched together several album sheets. On the cover sheet write a nice title, "My name". Next on the first sheet write the work plan, for example like this:\r\n\r\n\r\pcac happened, my names\r\Piz what language came my name\r\pcto means my name\r\naskolko spread my name\r\izvestnye people with the same name.\r\n\r\n\r\palee write the text according to the plan. The main thing here is write your message in detail, highlighting each of the points of the plan. Special attention should be paid to the designation of the surname.The last, fifth paragraph, it is advisable to draw pictures of famous personalities, for clarity.
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