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Full why a woman can not make the unborn child?

Completeness the completeness of strife. And if not to take into account the banal gluttony, completeness is often a consequence of diseases of the endocrine system. Therefore, the risks in obese ladies is always higher. It could be gestational diabetes, and joint disease, huge load on the heart (not just huge, just huge!), increased swelling and other unpleasant diseases. \r\n\r but what is not a woman that would fulfill my female duty to have a baby. For many, this is very important, and to feel the baby in the womb ready to endure all the hardships of pregnancy. After all, if you speculate in mastana terms, many modern women do not know such a joy, and a big part in my life pregnant only 1-2 times. So these nine months are especially expensive.\r\n\r\TL she saw in the hospital is very full the woman who almost could not walk and relied on a special pad, which often are already elderly. The doctors consoled her that will help their baby be born and everything will be fine. Because pregnancy is a huge hormonal process of rebuilding, and there is walcha the probability that something will go wrong. And quite slender girls are very quickly gaining weight. 20 pounds easily! But 30-35 is dangerous for the health of mother and baby health. But if you really want, then everything will work out!
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