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What is the panel on the bottom of your desktop on the computer?

Not every computer user knows what is the strip of icons at the bottom of the desktop. And it is called simply — "task Bar" or in English "Taskbar".\r\n\r\non the taskbar, there are several areas that perform different tasks:\r\n\r\n\r\pleva is the "start" button, opening the eponymous rich menu.\rpravee located customizable "quick launch Bar" where the user can place buttons for your frequently used applications.\rpalee is an area that displays buttons of programs currently running.\r\NIN the right part is the "notification Area", or as it is often called the "System tray". In this area is the "Language bar" (switch keyboard layouts), triangular button under which there are hidden icons, icons, system applications (box Center support; speaker volume adjustment; the Network, etc.).\rprajnaa a narrow strip on the right is a button that allows you to collapse or hide all Windows of running applications.
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