How is the lower house of the Federal Assembly?

In many countries (has happened even since the first Parliament on the planet - from England feet grow) the legislature consists of two chambers: upper and lower. However, in different countries, the principle of their organization is different: for example, in England (UK) lower house of Parliament (House of Commons) is selected and the upper (House of lords) is appointed from among from among the most renowned personages - lords. In the States the legislature is bicameral: the senators and congressmen. Well, we have, owing to the Federal structure of our country, also made a bicameral Parliament: the upper is composed of representatives of regions (subjects of the Federation) and the lower part of elected representatives. Called the lower house of our Parliament (called, incidentally, the Council of the Federation) State Duma - similar to the one that was once formed with the king-father...\r\n\r\pesli briefly, the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly called the State Duma.
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