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Why there is a perception that a healthy lifestyle is not soft, but rather harm to the body?

Healthy lifestyle, no matter how healthy and wholesome it was not, can benefit everyone. If a person is healthy, just lazy, lazy to do morning exercises, too lazy to take a cold shower, too lazy to walk once again on foot, too lazy to walk up the stairs, indulging in extra fatty piece for the night from their own gluttony accumulate extra pounds, then such a person just need to lead a healthier life. But not all people are healthy to the extent to get up at 6 am and rush in the Park in any weather, cutting-kilometer circles. For this you need to have no contraindications doctors and to have a steel health. It is believed that person for a healthy lifestyle must muhlebach an incredible amount of water at any time of the day or night. And what about high blood pressure, which for normal well-being and to reduce the pressure necessary to drink tablets with a diuretic effect? I agree only with the diets for health and weight loss. But for every person with every illness it individually.
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