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How to make perepisi with meat recipe?

Perepisi with meat-an ancient dish of the Udmurt cuisine. Became famous after speaking grandmothers Buranovskiye Eurovision in 2012.\r\n\r\PACU taken in a ratio of half wheat, half rye.\r\n\r\PA stuffing can be meat with onions and vegetables(cabbage, potatoes) and mushroom.But it sure is filled with scrambled eggs.\r\n\r\nazvanie comes from the "front of the stove," that is, before a strong fire.\r\n\r\nTo test taking:\r\n\r\n4 cups flour, 100 grams of margarine\r\n\r 200 grams of milk\r\n\r\Pol tsp salt\r\n\r\n1 tbsp sugar\r\n\r\n2 eggs\r\n\r\nnote the ingredients are mixed, knead the dough, roll it into balls. Make balls of the pellet. With one finger holding from the inside, and two outside samipya the dough to make boards.\r\n\r\ppars onion fry.\r\n\r\Poblenou a lot to do fill in the ratio 2 third milk and 1 third eggs.\r\n\r\ppars omelet and sprinkle with salt.\r\n\r\prigotovlenie in oven model cooking in the oven.Grease a baking sheet.Bake for about 200-220 degrees for 20-25 minutes\r\n\r\TL ate such perepechi.Very tasty.
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