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Supplier and promoter are the same? Why not?

The promoter and supplier is somewhat the opposite of a profession (position). Promote in English - to promote, to advertise,to activate. Promoters call people engaged in advertising, promotion on the market of any product, service. Probably not once in the store, Mall or just on the street, did you come across young people who offered to take a booklet or leaflet, to try a particular product, i.e. advertise anything. That is the promoters. How does the promoter sound "cooler" and more modern than the facilitator.\r\n\r\doljnosti of the supplier assumes the organization of work for the procurement and delivery necessary for the operation of spare parts and materials. And the name is such is probably not. As a rule, specialists in this field of work is called the purchasing Manager, engineer, procurement, supply agent, a specialist in logistics. A good supplier is usually multi-skilled specialist - economist and logistician, the merchant and the technician. and a lawyer as part of the contracts
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