What a wild rattle and noise in the Crimea?

I have often met "on the Internet" that at night (and day too) flying UFO, some just like that, apparently out of curiosity, and some sit on the Ground and kidnap people, hold them experiments sometimes go, sometimes not, apparently napityvajut..." and other nonsense.)\r\n\r\budem to believe?\r\n\r\kicked in the Crimea, no rattles underground, but on the surface in many cities and towns, but almost all over the Peninsula, are under construction, they are very ambitious and even grandiose, building roads, homes, businesses, infrastructure, livelihood, and even many that are building for the benefit of the population and visitors about what we never even dreamed of in the Ukraine, where he was in captivity and occupation, because the Crimea and the people of Ukraine have always been treated as a stranger, so we returned home to mother Russia.
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