Why at night in the walls can be heard knocking and something is heading in the plates?

Depends on what floor you live, the skyscrapers tend to sway. It is necessary to consider the design and make conclusions. Perhaps this option is not available.\r\n\r\pesli is a new building, the house shrinks in the course of many years, depending on the design. \r\n\r\Ptak same temperature changes affect the crackling, if between the facing and rubble brick is insulating pocket.\r\n\r\Ptak is also a possibility that the neighbors with the bottom of the suspended ceiling, as well from difference of temperatures makes sounds transmitted you in half.\r\n\r\psary can roll, mice rats, if they somehow got the opportunity to go in. Stealing food, it dries, and then the night begins the feast.\r\n\r\pesli would be swayed more than 1.2 meters, then it would be possible to feel the body.
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