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100 to 1. Where is the man with the cart (without prepositions)? (interactive)?

Basket convenient and practical. Moreover, it is environmental material unlike plastic bags. But we use few of them, only in the cottages and in the woods, which is a pity. In the modern quickly pace of life basket is too cumbersome.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\pirnie answers to this question:\r\n\r\n1) Forest. there really need a basket for mushrooms and berries. (40 PTS).\r\n\r\n2) the Market. With a basket on the market. (80 PTS).\r\n\r\n3) Store. Sometimes we go there with a basket. (120 PTS).\r\n\r\n4) Garden. The harvest is collected in baskets. At least, so did our grandmothers. (160 PTS - B0.\r\n\r\n5) Garden. The fruit is harvested in these products. (200 PTS).\r\n\r\n6) Giving. Here basket is necessary for much. (240 PTS).
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