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Will impact the system mercury on the growth rates of the framework products?

Judging by the dynamics of prices on alcoholic products with the introduction of the unified state automated information system, prices for dairy products is expected to grow. On alcohol they have grown significantly (50-70%), however it had a large influence in the state, with its excise policy, in the case of dairy products, to predict something difficult. For real manufacturer any extra control is a definite minus, need to spend money on equipment (usually not cheap), spend money on staff working with him and supporting this equipment, to organize efficient work, spend extra time on all of these procedures. If alcohol is stored for a long time, and the rate of profit he has more milk is perishable, in the case of milk, all these extra checks can turn into a great hemorrhoids. All this will undoubtedly have an impact ultimately on the quality of the products. Implementation of any control procedures in Russia is always some kind of irresistible irrational pain to get rid of that impossible, you can only accept, gradually, painfully extinguished. Currently, the imperfection of the existing social order generously kompensiruet organization of a large number of inspection agencies and departments and frankly it looks pathetic. Well, as always in Russia, the strictness of the laws is always balanced by not having their performance.
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