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Noses On the hill. How to divide the story into meaningful parts and title?

The story of Nikolai Nosov, "On the hill" a small but very interesting and instructive. It tells the story of how the guys built a slide in the yard, and as Kotka managed to mess it up. \r\n\r\presses can be divided into three parts. The first part tells the story of how diligently and enthusiastically the guys worked on the construction of a snowy hill. They sprayed the slide with water and went home, hoping that she will soon freeze over and they can skate.\r\n\r\non the first part of the story ends and begins the second part, which tells Kotke Chyzhiv. The boy did not take part in the construction of slides, but wanted it to sink. Kotka skating climbing up the hill, but it was slippery, so he falls asleep its sand. Up he climbs, however, to prevent the sand slide, so when descending the boy falls. The second part of the story ends with the slide of Kotiki down on all fours.\r\n\r\NIN the third part of the story out into the courtyard the children and see the broken hill. They make Kotku to take a shovel and fix the descent. The boy falls asleep the hill, which the children poured water, and after that, Kotka more and steps made. \r\n\r\razdelitel story "On the hill" on the part and the title part:\r\n\r\n\r\vozvedenie slides.\r\Patika spoils the hill of sand.\r\ispravlenie error.
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