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Dragoon Main rivers. How to describe Dennis?

The main character of the story Says, "the Main river" - Dennis Korablev, who was in a ridiculous situation. Due to the fact that he was passionate about kite, he completely forgot about what you need to do homework. So the next day the boy could not answer a lesson that led to the ridicule of classmates and the legitimate pair. \r\n\r\Deniska thoughtful and inquisitive boy, he has a serious hobby, which he devotes a lot of time. The boy is sociable and cheerful, so classmates has a full contact. Denis is very smart and quick mind, but bad able to distribute their free time. Because of this he got in trouble in class. \r\n\r\after the receipt of deuces Denis got wise and made a vow to myself first, to learn the lessons and then do what he likes. We believe that the boy will be corrected and will be responsible towards the teaching, as evidenced by his words:
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