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путешествия и туризм

What are some useful tips to buy a cheap plane ticket?

Here are a few taken from memory variants that affect the final price of the ticket:\r\n\r\n\r\selecting a route (in order to save on the cost of the ticket, if correctly calculate the route of flight - direct flight, a transit route through a different city or country, in other words, the lower the flight path and the smaller countries of the customs transit service, the cheaper the cost of the ticket)\r\selecting a flights (relatively inexpensive are the Baltic and Ukrainian airlines but here you need to consider service and the best guarantee of the safety of the flight for reasons of quality maintenance - if the Baltic States are poorly fed, the quality of Ukrainian aircraft, due to political turmoil and social decline, breathes doubt); \r\predvaritelnaya purchase tickets (today, this chip is valid on all airlines and not only the market determines the additional service, the sooner we buy, the more opportunities to save money - sometimes up to 30 - 40%);\r\pokupka without intermediaries (buying via the Internet, that is, without intermediaries, which gives extra savings on mediation services);\r\eating even a choice between large and small companies, Charter flights, business and economy classes, but it is in private, individual fiscal policy and status preferences.\r\n\r\n\r\PDA, I almost forgot, is one of the main factors affecting the cost of tickets. Well, we all know this is the season of vacations, trips to the sea. Here you can add and "hot tours", is very beneficial you can purchase tickets.
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