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Can a person heat the air under the jacket more body temperature?

Temperature is not the only indicator of thermal comfort, there is also the humidity.\r\pchem higher the humidity, the greater the required thermal energy for heating this air, but the amount of heat in it anymore.\rskajem, for heating air at a humidity of 20% and a temperature of 36.6 = 64 kJ/m3\r\skajem, for heating air at a humidity of 80% and a temperature of 36.6 = 132 kJ/m3\r\Fri.e is almost 2 times the air between the jacket and body warmer, not in temperature but in moisture.\rpaduda does the humidity? with the surface of the skin, with raw t-shirts, shirts, etc., the relative humidity increases, the heat capacity of air and consequently heat the body, under the jacket gets 2 times hotter.
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