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Why was not the annexation of the Crimea and its secession?

Because no anneksii of the Crimea was not.\r\n\r\panexia, it is an armed seizure of the territory of one State by another State.\r\n\r\PA secession, and the entry of part of the (independent) territory of one State to another State by the will of the people in a national referendum that happened in Crimea.\r\n\r\mejdunarodnoe law is not broken, as always (previously) said the Russian leadership now to talk about it stopped, tired to throw "pearls before swine West". Now it is not discussed or explained, and our guide (Russian President Putin) have put this "issue" point, briefly and clearly saying, "Crimea is Russia, and this issue is not discussed".\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nup know, do not understand\r\n\r\nThis can either completely stupid and mentally ill people, or enemies of the Russian State, although not a hindrance, but only supplements.
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