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Who will call for military training in 2019 after the decree of Putin?

21 Feb 2019 published the decree of the President: \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\podobnie fees are military duty and are held every year to confirm reserves existing skills, raising the level of military-professional knowledge and for the development of new military equipment.\r\n\r\prizyvat such charges are not more often than once in three years, and not longer than two months.\r\n\r\prizyva for such fees shall be citizens under the age of 60 years in reserve.\r\n\r\pchase only call people who have rare or sought-after in the armed forces, military occupational specialty (now communicators, professionals of missile troops, artillery, mechanized infantry, coastal forces of the IMF, rail and engineering units).\r\n\r\nup call for military training of students of correspondence departments of Universities, teachers, police officers and the armed forces, railway and air transport, large families (having three and more minor children, as well as those who served less than two years ago.
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