Why rare Russian citizen wants to serve in the army until retirement?

Today under the law a soldier has the right to pension support with the seniority of twenty years under preferential terms, this means that in peacetime it can almost be retired in thirty years. But the soldiers are different, they vary in position and rank. The officer during the service grows in position, and this means rising in rank, naturally, grow, payments according to position and rank, increasing the length of service, and these factors significantly affect the amount of the pension. Therefore, the officers tend to have a maximum length, which allows the maximum pension they are on duty, usually significantly more than twenty years. But the privates and sergeants of contract service have significantly lower salaries according to position and rank, their change has little effect on the amount of the pension, so this category of servicemen is in the service until, when there is the right to a pension, then the transfer to the reserve. In the civilian world such a retiree receives a military pension and a salary in the new job. Some retire early because they find a better job in the civilian world.
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