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Tashkent lemon. What is interesting? Why it is considered a standard of taste?

"Tashkent" lemon - so-called because this variety is bred in Uzbekistan Tashkent honored agronomist and breeder Zayniddin by Fahretdinova.\r\n\r\petot grade is very different from many other thick-skinned relatives. He has a thin rind,the color is a little orange from a distance can be confused with orange.But the lemon is not large,7-9 cm shape as a chicken egg and the same smooth . Very tasty and fragrant,sour-sweet taste.In Russia it is grown mostly at home,tree is low,measure one and a half in height,the leaves are roundish shiny.Can be called the standard of taste,so it must be a lemon,that made all medicinal and healthy drinks,juices,soft drinks ..etc.\r\n\r\very tasty tea with this lemon,and if honey is good to add the best cure for a cold.
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