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Will stimulate the birth rate another increase in the parent capital?

It seems to me that the surge in the birth rate this single measure will not bring about.\r\n\r\PTEM more that the cost of the baby will quickly exceed the additive of the parent capital.\r\n\r\odinochnye responses on this measure will follow.\r\n\r\Pat right measure, but her help is needed again and again.\r\n\r\plugin a set of measures.Including improvement of financial position of every family in our country.The income growth needed.\r\n\r\n most importantly, confidence in the future. Stability.\r\n\r\ptasie rises in the birth rate we observed in the beginning of the 21st century when we really began to live better.\r\n\r\pomnu at work young girls one after another went on maternity leave.\r\n\r\n now, I judge by the number of mothers with strollers.
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