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In any cranes it is possible to collect bitcoin?

Such cranes on the Network called "tueva hucha". It is in the question probably is about efficient taps where you can mine well not really straining. Just say the term "well" is equivalent to the fee of 700 to 1000 Satoshi a day (excluding lotteries and any internal casino/pyramids). In addition, the important parameter at least for output. Here, too, is impossible to buy at low figures, as if such amounts and withdrawn to BTC-wallets, in a roundabout way, and began to be long and not always reliable. Make it a rule that, at the current exchange rate of bitcoin to be a reliable minimum for withdrawal is the sum of 100K Satoshi.\r\n\r\psred proven, reliable and fairly efficient cranes can be identified such as, Moon Bitcoin. Two recent crane work in English, but if you work through Chrome, you can set them on Russian rough language...
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